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  Earth Soccer Ball Paper Models (PDF)

Earth soccer ball paper models created from images by AMSR-E.

color composite
color composite ball
AMSR-E enables viewing most of water phases on Earth (clouds, vapor, precipitation, snow, sea ice, and so on). Areas over the oceans highlighted in bright yellow correspond to strong precipitation areas, and some typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean are also captured. Colors varying from aqua to dark blue indicate increases of water vapor and clouds in the atmosphere. Snow coverage, dry and cold land surfaces, and sea-ice distribution in both polar regions are also displayed in bright yellow.

color composite image pdf
crease all overlapping widths Adobe PDF logo

AMSR-E displays the Earth's color-coded sea-surface temperature. The temperature of ocean areas, which cover about 70% of the Earth's surface, has many impacts on the climate and weather. Wide-scale measurements of sea-surface temperature by satellites are expected to contribute greatly to understanding global climate changes such as El Niño and global warming.

* PDF: 913KB
sea-surface temperature
SST ball
tools: a double-sided tape and a cutter sst image
cut all adges of the model Anterctic region

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