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In order to utilize AMSR and AMSR-E data, product format and algorithm overviews, how to access products, and useful tools for display and analysis them are introduced.

In-situ Data

 AMSR-E quick look
 Match-up dataset
 The Oceanographic Research Vessel MIRAI observation
 Hegura-jima and Minamidaito-jima Islands microwave radiometer observation
 Miyako and Yaeyama Islands precipitation observation
 Wakasa Bay solid precipitation observation

 Tibet precipitation, snow cover and soil moisture observation: CAMP-Tibet (CEOP)
 Siberia solid precipitation and snow cover observation: CAMP-Siberia (CEOP)
 Thai soil moisture observation: CAMP-Thailand (CEOP)
 Mongolian soil moisture observation: CAMP-Mongolia (AMPEX)

 The Sea of Okhotsk observation
 Alaska observation
 Antarctic observation
 Colorado snow cover observation
 Iowa soil moisture observation