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Physical parameters relating the Earth”Ēs water observed by AMSR and AMSR-E, such as distributions of Arctic sea ice, sea surface temperature, sea surface wind speed, and precipitation caused by tropical cyclones, were visualized.

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Near-real-time brightness temperature of AMSR-E
and Radar-AMeDAS rainfall around Japan

These images show AMSR-E data and Radar-AMeDAS (*) composite data obtained from observations around Japan at approximately the same time. Currently, the AMSR-E brightness temperature is being calibrated at JAXA EORC. Radar-AMeDAS composite data indicates hourly precipitation and is provided by the Japan Weather Association in real time.

A/D Map Projection Images
Ascending Equal - Lat/Lon
Descending Equal - Lat/Lon

* Radar-AMeDAS is a combined rainfall map for Japan obtained from JMA's automatic observation facility, called the Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System (AMeDAS), and ground-based weather radar.