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In order to utilize AMSR and AMSR-E data, product format and algorithm overviews, how to access products, and useful tools for display and analysis them are introduced.

Calibration & Validation

GTS all-sphere radio sonde observation data

To validate of AMSR/AMSR-E integrated water vapor, AMSR/AMSR-E data are compared with global upper air observations (radiosondes) over the ocean. These observations are operationally performed by worldwide meteorological agencies and shared through the Global Telecommunication System (GTS). JAXA is provided these data by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). The figure below shows an example of radiosonde distribution obtained in a day. The figure only shows the observations at small islands (indicated by "Fixed") and ships (indicated by "Ship") where the AMSR/AMSR-E estimations are available.
Example of available radiosondes for AMSR/AMSR-E validation (24 June 1998)
+: Fixed
+: Ship