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Caveats for the standard products

Caveats of AMSR-E Sea surface wind speed product (Version 2.0)

Algorithm development PI : Dr. Akira Shibata
(JAXA Earth Observation Research and application Center)

This document briefly describes some caveats for the AMSR-E Level 2 standard products (Version 2.0) of sea surface wind speed.
Revision from Version 1.0
Coefficients in the algorithm were optimized and changed.

Retrieval areas
No change.
Retrieval range and error
Range of sea surface wind speed retrieval is between 0 and 30 m/s. Retrieval error was evaluated within about 1.1m/s (rms) by comparing to mooring buoy wind speeds obtained through the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) and Internet (e.g., TAO buoys). The comparison was made using the data of July 2002 and January 2003.
Algorithm consistency with AMSR (Version 1.0)
The algorithm is identical to that of AMSR (Version 1.0). However, coefficients in the algorithms are optimized for each instrument and different from each other.