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In order to utilize AMSR and AMSR-E data, product format and algorithm overviews, how to access products, and useful tools for display and analysis them are introduced.


Earth Observation Data Viewer (EODV)

What is EODV?
EODV provides users with various functions to use earth observation data of ADEOS-II, AMSAR and Aqua/AMSER-E. You can display, edit, clip and project them on a map.

EODV is very useful to deal with data made in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF). Please refer to here for details.
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AMSR Data Input Toolkit (ADIT) v3.00

What is ADIT?
There are two ways to read AMSR/AMSR-E data constructed as an HDF file. One is to use only the HDF library, and the other is to use the AMSR Data Input Toolkit (ADIT) which uses the HDF library as internal routine, for reading AMSR/AMSR-E data in your own C program or Fortran program.
ADIT provides functions for reading and storing AMSR/AMSR-E data into local structured variables of one-scan size.
Some data will be converted with a scale factor and saved into the HDF file. ADIT will recognize the scale factor for its conversion and calculate its original value. If you use ADIT to handle AMSR/AMSR-E data in your program codes, you can easily get the correct data.
  1. Install HDF library
  2. There are two ways to install the HDF library on your machine. One is to install the binary code, the other is to obtain the source code and compiling it for installation. You can obtain both from the HDF library ftp site at NCSA. You may select the suitable type for your machine's OS or source code type.
  3. Install ADIT
Please refer to the ADIT User's Guide (PDF) for details.