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Caveats for the standard products

Caveats of AMSR-E Integrated Water Vapor product (Version 2.0)

Algorithm development PI : Dr. Yoshiaki Takeuchi (Japan Meteorological Agency)

This document briefly describes some caveats for the AMSR-E Level 2 standard products (Version 2.0) of integrated water vapor.
Revision from Version 1.0
No changes were made for the retrieval algorithm. In accordance with the algorithm changes of sea surface temperature (SST), however, the version 2.0 product of integrated water vapor may slightly differ from that of version 1.0 since the Level 3 AMSR-E SST product is used as the ancillary information in retrieving the integrated water vapor.
Retrieval areas
No change.
Retrieval range and error
No change.
No change.

Estimates in heavy rain category
No change.
Ancillary data used in retrieval
No change.
Algorithm consistency with AMSR (Version 1.0)
The algorithm is identical to that of AMSR (Version 1.0). However, coefficients in the algorithms are optimized for each instrument and different from each other.


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