On-line Registration is over.
    Please contact the Secretariat.

    About registration

    1. Registration through this web will be closed on January 10, 2008 (Thu). If you want to register after the day, please contact the Secretariat.
    2. Workshop special rate (13,000 yen per night including breakfast and dinner) is offered to participants.
    3. Check-in
      • Please check in at the workshop registration desk, not at the hotel front.
      • The registration desk will be located: a) at the front of the workshop hall during the workshop time, b) at the side of the hotel ROYAL WING’s front while the workshop off-time.
      • Check-in time is from 14:00 to 20:00. If you arrive at the hotel after 20:00, please inform the Secretariat in advance.
      • Please pay the hotel fee in cash (Japanese Yen) at the registration desk.
    4. Dinner will be served as follows. Detail will be informed on the day.
      • Jan. 21 (Mon): Dinner room
      • Jan. 22 (Tue): Reception room
      • Jan 23 (Wed): a) Participants who are engaged with the Fisheries Research Agency (FRA) are at the FRA reception room. b) Participants except for a) are at the dinning room.
    5. If you need a bill and/or receipt, please request the Secretariat.
    Your personal information provided here will be managed by Prime International Co., Ltd., Secretariat of the Symposium, and used only for this Symposium. Your personal information will be disclosed to the agencies who are involved in organizing this Symposium. Unless otherwise agreed by you or requested by laws, your personal information will not be disclosed to the third parties except for those who are engaged in this Symposium. If you have any questions or comments on personal information, please contact the following Symposium Secretariat.
    AMSR/GLI PI Workshop 2008
    Workshop Secretariat: Prime International Co., Ltd.
    TEL: +81-3-5467-5539 ,FAX: +81-3-5467-5538