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Midori-II is the earth observation satellite which has been developed to understand the mechanism of the global environmental changes such as global warming and to support meteorology and fishery activities.
Please click on the following to view the detailed information about AMSR and GLI onboard Midori-II and AMSR-E onboard Aqua.
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What's New
2010.12.01 "Sea Ice Distribution" site by AMSR-E and MODIS was released.
2010.09.30 'Joint PI Workshop of Global Environment Observation Mission' homepage was open.

2009.11.24 GCOM PI Workshop 2010 homepage was open.
2009.06.05 The service of WWW and FTP will not be available during April 12, 18:00 to April 15, 00:00 (JST).
2008.12.02 GCOM Workshop 2009 homepage is open!
2008.12.02 GCOM Symposium homepage is open!
2008.12.01 "Sea Ice Distribution" site by AMSR-E and MODIS was released.
2008.06.09 Our Web system will be unavailable from 17:30, Jun. 13 to 9:30, Jun. 16 (JST) due to our facility maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.
2007.12.11The web site of AMSR/GLI PI Workshop 2008 was opened.

2007.05.09Earth Observation Data Viewer v1.1 is released.
2006.12.22The web site of AMSR/GLI Workshop 2007 in Tsukuba was opened.
AMSR/GLI Workshop 2007 in Tokyo
2006.12.4"Sea Ice Distribution" site by AMSR-E and MODIS was released.
2006.8.14GLI booklet, "Improving our understanding of climate change -Observing our planet earth using global imager-" is published.