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ADEOS-II appearance
The Advanced Earth Observing Satellite-II (ADEOS-II), the successor to ADEOS, has been developed to advance Earth observation technologies. It acquires data to help researchers understand the mechanism of the global environmental changes such as global warming and to support meteorology and fishery activities. It is equipped with two JAXA sensors: AMSR for quantitatively observing various geophysical data concerning the water cycle, and GLI for observing oceans, land and clouds with high accuracy. It also carries three sensors provided by international and domestic partners. ADEOS-II is expected to provide the data necessary for us to understand the circulation of water, energy, and carbon in order to contribute to studies on global environmental changes.

Main Characteristics of ADEOS-II
DimensionMain bodyApprox. 6×4×4m (X-axis × Y-axis × Z-axis)
Solar Array PaddleApprox. 3×24m
MassTotal Mass3.68t
Mission Instrument Mass 1.23t
Power5,350W (EOL)
LifeDesigned Life3 years
PropellantFor 5 years
OrbitCategorySun-synchronous sub-recurrent orbit
Inclination98.62 deg
Period101 minutes
Recurrent Period4 days
Local Sun TimeAM10:30±15
LaunchLaunch VehicleH-IIA Rocket
Launch SiteTanegashima Space Center
Launch Period2002


Earth Observation Research Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
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