Symposium and Workshops

For your presentation

*We will prepare followings :
  1. Overhead projector
  2. Laptop PC & projector
      Detail of our laptop PC
    • OS --- Windows XP,
    • Pre-installed software
      Microsoft Power Point 2000 and Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0.
    • others
      CD-ROM drive, 3.5 inch. MO drive (Max.640M), USB (Universal Serial Bus) port and PC Card slot are available.
    *Not available: Macintosh Computer, Zip drive

*Please bring your presentation data that can transfer to our laptop PC.

*If you bring your own Computer for your presentation:
Please make sure that...
  • your computer must have RGB (Monitor) Port to connect PC projector.
  • your computer have AC Adapter ( just in case, your PC battery run out)
For your presentation