Symposium and Workshops

General Information

*Organising Agency
National Space Development Agency of Japan
Earth Observation Research Center (EORC)
1-8-10, Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
104-6023, Japan

Committe on Earth Observation Sasatellite (CEOS)/
Natinal Oceanic and Atmospheric Administraion (NOAA)
1335 East-West Highway, Room 8286
Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910, USA
Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center, Awaji Island
1 Yumebutai, Higashiura-cho, Tsuna-gun, Hyogo 656-2301 Japan
Tel. 81-(0)799-74-1020, Tel. 81-(0)799-74-1021,E-mail:info@yumebutai.org


March 12-14, 2003AMSR Workshop
March 13-14, 2003Symposium and Workshops
Evening, March 13Reception
(for Workshop and Symposium Participants)

*Schedule Summary (See attached program.)
March 129:00-17:30 AMSR Workshop
March 139:00-17:30 Symposium on Space Platforms for Water and Climate Observation
13:30-17:30 AMSR Workshop
8:30-18:00 Water Cycle Science Workshop
18:00-20:00 Reception
March 149:00-17:30 Symposium on Space Platforms for Water and Climate Observation & Panel Discussion
13:30-15:30 AMSR-E Japan-US Joint Science Meeting
9:00-15:30 IGOS Water Cycle Theme Workshop

*Registration for AMSR Workshop
  • March 12 am. Before start of the Workshop at the Awaji Yumebutai
*Registration for Symposium and other Workshops
  • March 12 evening Before start of the Reception at the Westin Awaji Island (hotel)
  • March 13/14 am. Before start of each Meeting at the venue
*Social events
  • March 12 18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception
*Local Secretariat
Ms. Kazuko Misawa,
Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC)
Tel:+81-3-5561-4547, Fax:+81-3-5574-8515,
E-mail address:misawa@restec.or.jp
General Information