Q16. I want to use GSMaP data on our web. What is the necessary procedure?

A16. Please confirm the following notes when you use our GSMaP_NRT data on your web.

  • Please refer to "Terms of User of Research Data" for the use of data.
  • When you use an image data that you made or processed with using our GSMaP data, the procedure is not required.
  • When you use/publish our GSMaP data which was provided from JAXA, you need some procedure. Please contact TRMM Real-Time Office < >.

  • When publishing to the public on the web or ftp etc., if possible please create a link on the web of the GSMaP web page to your web (Or may you post the GSMaP logo).

<GSMaP Logo>


  • It will be appreciated if you can notify the URL when publishing.

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