Q11. I want to know how to open the data. /Can you recommend any software to view / visualize the data?

A11. ".dat.gz"file is a compressed gzip file. Please unzip it into ".dat" file with "gunzip command" on Linux or an appropriate unzip software on Windows. The data are visualized by software such as GrADS, IDL, Matlab. Text data(".csv" file) can be read with ArcGIS.

".dat" file is the binary data are archived in 4byte plain binary of little endian as it is written to the format manual. You can read ".dat" file with GrADS, IDL and Matlab.

IDL sample code , GrADS "ctl" file, the C programming language and Fortran sample code to read the data are archived at each products directory.
For example, in GSMap_MVK,

As well as ".dat" file, we also provide ".csv" file (text data)our data. If you use ArcGIS, ".csv" file (text data) can be read.

In detail, please confirm the "Data Format Description or Data Format Manual" of each product.

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