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06. Jan. 2006
To observe the global-scale climate change, the Advanced Earth Observation Satellite-II (Midori-II), carrying the Global Imager (GLI) and the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR,) was launched on December 14, 2002. Although Midori-II functioned only 10 months (until October 2003), she collected very valuable data during her seven-month operational period. By May 2005, it had been three years since the launch of NASA Earth-observation satellite Aqua carrying AMSR-E, and she is still collecting water-related data. Our project vigorously continues the research to extract various information about the Earth environment to efficiently utilize AMSR-E data.

In this symposium, our domestic and foreign primary investigators will clearly present their results and the future plans based on their research activities to improve the understanding of people working on Earth observation, students and the general public about Midori-II and future JAXA missions.

We anticipate attendees from a variety of backgrounds. This symposium is free, but preregistration is necessary. We look forward to your cooperation.

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