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Image Library May 28, 2003

Volcanic Plumes from Anatahan Island in Mariana Islands

Volcanic Plumes from Anatahan Island in Mariana Islands
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A volcano erupted on Anatahan Island, located 128km to the north of Saipan Island in the Mariana Islands. GLI observed the volcanic plumes. The brown smoke is trailing northeastwards from Anatahan Island and spreading to the east. Saipan and Tinian Islands in the center of this image look green.

We enlarged this image from the original GLI image acquired on May 26, 2003 and processed to emphasize the plumes.

On May 17, GLI also acquired something that looks like the volcanic plumes. You can see it at the website "Today's Images from Midori-II."
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For this beautiful planet ADEOS-IIAnatahan Island is located 2,300km south of Tokyo. Its width is about 12 km east and west and about 4 km north and south. The area is about 32 km2. According to the press, this volcanic activity began with the eruption on the night of May 10.

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