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Image Library Mar. 20, 2003

Blowing spring sandstorm in Sahara Desert

Blowing spring sandstorm in Sahara Desert
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Blowing spring sandstorm in Sahara Desert: Close-up
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This is a picture of northern Africa and Europe bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. A large sandstorm has been generated from the northern coast of Libya and Egypt and carries desert particles over the Mediterranean Sea to the north. Dust is frequently blown from the Sahara region northwards to Europe, especially during spring time.
The large sand sea known as the Libyan Desert in central Libya and the Tibesti volcano mountains with heights exceeding 3000 meters, located in southern Libya and northern Chad can be seen. Vegetation in the green Nile Delta can be clearly recognized on the right edge of the picture.
This picture is a true color composite image produced from GLI data acquired on 6 February 2003. The picture was generated from GLI spectral channels 13 (678 nm), 8 (545 nm), and 5 (460 nm) with a spatial resolution of 1 km. The colors in a true-color image resemble those seen by the human eye.

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