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Mediterranean winter observed by GLI

Mediterranean winter observed by GLI
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These panels show false color, chlorophyll-a concentration (CHLA), and sea-surface temperature (SST) images in the Mediterranean Sea on 7 February 2003.
The day was clear over the Mediterranean Sea, except for cloud cover off Barcelona in Spain and dozens of trails off Marseille. The CHLA and SST images show high CHLA (ten-times higher than in surrounding areas) and low SST (five degrees higher than in surrounding areas) in the Gulf of Lion and the Adriatic Sea. In these seas, a cold, dry wind (e.g., the mistral and the bora) from northwestern Europe causes deep convection, which brings cold and nutrient rich water close to the surface. The GLI CHLA and SSTĦĦimages show a typical view of the Mediterranean winter. For this beautiful planet ADEOS-II

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