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Image Library Mar. 3, 2003

Chain of tropical cyclones over the Indian Ocean

Chain of tropical cyclones
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This composite image of AMSR on Midori-II and AMSR-E on NASA's Aqua shows four cyclones lined up over the Indian Ocean on February 13. Combining the data from AMSR and AMSR-E provided the observation of all the cyclones together. Channels of 37-GHz (vertical polarization) and 89-GHz (horizontal and vertical polarization) were used for color composite. The color in the image differs from that is seen by human eyes. Starting from the left, the island in white color is the Madagascar, and the four cyclones are GARY, HAPE, ISHA, and FIONA. Areas of strong precipitation in the cyclone's arms are highlighted by red colors and look like a chain connected each other. The background image is an infrared cloud pattern acquired by geostationary meteorological satellites (infrared data provided by Japan Weather Association). Geostationary satellites are able to acquire cloud images very frequently, and the microwave sensors, AMSR and AMSR-E, have the advantage of quantitative measurements of cloud liquid water and rain rate under clouds. Complementary use will be benefit for both of them.

Complementary use will be benefit for both of them. AMSR-E, the modified version of AMSR to accommodate for Aqua platform, has been operational since June, 2002. Midori-II and Aqua have the different local observing times: 10:30 (22:30) for Midori-II and 13:30 (1:30) for Aqua. Combination of AMSR and AMSR-E enables us to observe rapidly changing meteorological phenomena (e.g. cyclones) in detail For this beautiful planet ADEOS-II

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